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taught by Jane Curth

Course description

Can you really make money in the fitness business? If you have ever asked yourself that question this course will help you gain the confidence and peace of mind that success is not only possible, but probable, when you have a winning cash management system in place. We will identify the common obstacles fitness entrepreneurs face, and examine why what you have been taught about business finance may actually be the root of the problem. You will then learn a step-by-step system that leverages the habits and behaviors you already have to manage your cash easily, create profit immediately, and grow your company more quickly.

Jane Curth
Jane Curth
Co-founder and CEO FitFixNow

Professor Curth has taught college for over 20 years, has presented at 18 local and national conferences and is an ACE certified trainer with many senior clients, including coaches of corporate executives. She developed many online courses in her career and turned those experiences into her wellness coaching company, Healthyou. Now, Professor Curth is looking to offer her expertise with her new enterprise, FitFixNow in which she is taking her extensive background in teaching online classes and putting it to work to aid the professional fitness industry into the new millennium.

Course Curriculum

Basic Course Information
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Chapter 1: Let's Begin
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Chapter 2: How to Make it Work
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Chapter 4: Profit
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Chapter 5: Getting Started
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Chapter 6: Case Studies
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